Astro NAVYA, an EV (Electric Vehicle) 3-wheeler, manufactured by an emerging Electric Vehicle Company, Astro Motors, successfully set the record of reaching the world’s highest motorable road at Umling La Pass, located in Ladakh at 19,024 FT. Astro NAVYA was driven by India’s first female B.E.S.T licensed driver Pratiksha Das, backed by a strong team from Astro Motors.

By achieving this feat Astro Motors effectively demonstrated its capabilities of penetrating the EV market with its range of high-performance 3-wheeler cargo vehicles.

Astro NAVYA is designed to cater to various geographical needs within India, right from the cold and steep mountain lands of Ladakh to the extreme heat of Delhi and Gujarat to hilly and extremely high moisture areas of Maharashtra and to high traffic zones of Bengaluru. Astro NAVYA is a 3-wheeler cargo vehicle powered by a 10.2kwh battery with a payload capacity of 630 kgs and a top speed of 50kmph.

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Vitan Jagada, Founder, Astro Motors said:

We are extremely thrilled about achieving this milestone and are happy to present a product that has demonstrated its capability at the highest level. Even the high altitude of the Ladakh region with thinner air and temperatures sub zero at 1pm did not impact the performance of the vehicle, so this is very encouraging as the drive was carried out with a full payload. We are the only company to have successfully mated a manual gearbox to an electric motor and synchronised the same to maximise the performance and made it available for the public. We are on a mission to create trust in Electric Vehicles for people to transition from ICE vehicles with complete peace of mind and this is the first step in our journey.