By accomplishing this accomplishment, Astro Motors successfully illustrated how its lineup of high-performance 3-wheeled freight vehicles can enter the EV market. Astro Navya is made to accommodate several geographical demands in India, including those of the hilly, exceptionally high-moisture regions of Maharashtra, the cold, steep mountain lands of Ladakh, the intense heat of Delhi and Gujarat, and the densely populated cities of Bengaluru.

A 10.2 kWh battery powers the three-wheeled cargo vehicle Astro Navya, which has a payload capacity of 630 kg and a peak speed of 50 kmph. Pratiksha Das, the first female B.E.S.T. certified driver in India, piloted the Astro Navya with the assistance of a capable Astro Motors crew.

Commenting on this achievement, Vitan Jagada, Founder, Astro Motors said, “We are extremely thrilled about achieving this milestone and are happy to present a product that has demonstrated its capability at the highest level. Even the high altitude of the Ladakh region with thinner air and temperatures sub-zero at 1 pm did not impact the performance of the vehicle, so this is very encouraging as the drive was carried out with a full
payload. We are the only company to have successfully mated a manual gearbox to an electric motor and synchronised the same to maximise the performance and made it available for the public. We are on a mission to create trust in Electric Vehicles for people to transition from ICE vehicles with complete peace of mind and this is the first step in our journey.”